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Local Info

Here you will find useful information on Masterton public facilities. You’ll find phone numbers, addresses, opening hours, even maps, to help you find what you need faster. Need to know the visiting hours at the hospital? You’ll find it on the hospital page. Need to check what time a flight is arriving into Masterton, you’ll find the airport contact details below. We also have a special page if you are looking for things to do in Masterton.

Local Facilities

In this Local Information section we aim to provide more than just a basic list of phone numbers like a directory. The beauty of the internet is that we can add a lot more details than a phone-book listing. Half the time when you call a local facility you only want to know their opening hours. Why not save the hassle of phoning and find the information you need right at your fingertips.

Each facility has its basic information listed such as contact details. We also give a little background on each facility, which can sometimes include its history. We hope that the information will be a useful resource and you’re sure to learn something new about each facility that you didn’t know before.

The first local facility is the Masterton Airport. The airport is certainly being utilised more often these days with the addition of passenger services to Auckland. Not just the recreational flights that whiz through the valley. The Masterton District Council is of course a key facility to the running of Masterton and the Wairarapa. If you have a burst water main, a roading issue or just plain old noise control then you’ll find the details for getting in touch with the council.

The Wairarapa Hospital as we know, is still referred to by many as the Masterton Hospital. I guess it makes sense – its a hospital, in Masterton. The new buildings were constructed in 2006, and certainly are welcomed by all residents. Its great to have a state of the art facility close by.

More Masterton Community Facilities

The Masterton Public Library is down there on Queen Street. They have internet hooked up so if your internet is down at home for whatever reason you can head there during the day for short periods for a few dollars. Alternatively there are a few internet cafes dotted around Masterton. The Library is also home to the Wairarapa Archive where you’ll find a treasure trove of photographs of Masterton and past residents. Worth a look some time!

In the maps section you’ll find 3 maps: One of the Masterton CBD and surrounding streets, the next is a map showing Masterton as a whole. The final map is of Wairarapa as a whole. We hope the Masterton local maps will help you find your way! They are Google maps so they have a few toggles so you can zoom in and out. If you wish to print one out simply click through to Google and click print. 

The Masterton Medical Clinic is the local health clinic handy to those working in town. They are open some decent hours 8am until 7pm weekdays, and 9am to 5pm on weekends. Of course if you have a genuine emergency situation you first port of call is 111. For those less critical the hospital on Te Ore Ore Road is your best bet.

Weather. Its a contentious issue! The best place to find out whats happening, and whats going to happen, its the MetService website. They have so much more than just your normal weather. The Masterton page shows wind speeds, humidity and even tells you how many layers of clothing to wear! go to the Masterton Weather page above for a link to the Masterton page.

Masterton Public Services

The largest secondary school in the region is Wairarapa College. With so many students, its only natural that parents need to find the school number in a hurry, so we have added a page above with the basic school contact details. Waicol as it is known by students is located on Pownall Street.

The Wairarapa District Health Board overseas the health and well-being of all in Masterton and Wairarapa. Funded by the government, the organisation administers not only the hospital, but funds local clinics, pharmacies and community health initiatives. The DHB also employs 600 odd staff so is a big employer in the region.

When looking for local news, and entertaining read then local newspaper the Wairarapa Times-Age is the one Masterton residents turn to. Going strong for decades, the paper is seeing readership head online, but the paper is still a great read 6 days a week. If you have something to report, or wish to write a letter to the editor, you’ll find the details on the page above. Advertising and classifieds information can also be found as well.

We aim to provide the most up to date information possible. Phone numbers are checked regularly but if you notice that a phone number, or email address has changed for any of the services, please feel free to let us know through the contact form on this website. Much appreciated!